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Books on Reptile and Amphibian Care - by John Courteney-Smith

John has spent a lifetime in the UK exotic pet trade.

As a passionate keeper of Reptiles and Exotic birds John is determined to push the boundaries of captive reptile and bird science so that animals benefit from his research all over the world.

John is a regular speaker at colleges and universities and is a contributor to forums and to many consumer and trade Reptile and Bird papers and magazines all over the world. John is also the author of two reptile husbandry related books and has worked with other leading authors to provide content for some of the world’s best reptile. As the Arcadia Reptile brand manager John is determined to start “A revolution in reptile care”.

The Arcadia Guide to Reptile & Amphibian Nutrition

Foreword by Dr Mike Leahy,

Chapters include:

The vitamin and mineral groups, vitamin and mineral uses and interactions, the food groups, self/wild supplementation, gut flora and parasitical load (uses for verm-x), Gutloading, livefood safety, livefood nutrition and variety with 23 species explained, application of supplements, obesity in captive animals, hydration and wild hydration, brumation, viv cleanliness, special reference to inverts, special reference to Amphibians.


The Arcadia Guide to MDB and its elimination in captivity

Foreword by David Alderton, Editor, Practical Reptile Keeping magazine.

Back in the 1970s, when I was a veterinary student working at a practice in Sussex, we often used to have young turtles brought in as patients. They were frequently suffering from what was described back then as ‘soft shell’. These poor creatures not only had an abnormally soft and rubbery shell texture, but they were often too weak to swim any more...


Bio-Activity and the Theory of Wild Re-Creation™

“Explore the wonderful world of Reptile, Amphibian and Invertebrate keeping for the modern age. Reptile keeping expert John Courteney-Smith will guide you through the critical processes that allow for a more effective and all together more ethical form of exotic pet care.

By mimicking the wild environments of the animals that we keep we can be sure that we will be providing everything that they need to live a happy, healthy and reproductively positive life.

Learn about nutrition, plants, water, soil, hygiene, UVB, the correct provision of light for plant growth and much, much more.”


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NEW - The Arcadia Guide to Bio-Activity and the Theory of Wild Re-Creation™


The Arcadia Guide to Reptile & Amphibian Nutrition


The Arcadia Guide to MBD and its elimination in captivity